Priyanka Chopra is producing a new comedy movie based on their wedding

scandal 11/10/2019

Nick Jonas's wife, Priyanka Chopra, is not only an actress but a film producer as well - a woman of many talents. The current project she's working on was previously described as a "wedding comedy" starring Mindy Kaling. 

Chopra has just revealed more details about the flick though, saying it's actually "based [on and] inspired from my wedding." Her wedding to Nick Jonas that is. 

"[It's] a buddy comedy about these two people and best friends, but what happens when one of them comes to India. And it really came from my wedding [and] what happened when Nick’s family arrived in India and their perspective of everything Indian. And it was just so funny when Mindy and I were talking about what happens when Indian families meet and the little things that come from it, so the movie came from that," she said. 

Speaking of her wedding, Chopra also revealed that their nuptials were actually heavily planned by Jonas himself. "All the last-minute prep, the heavy lifting, for the wedding, Nick did," she said, explaining that she was neck-deep in work for The Sky Is Pink, a Hindi-language film due out soon. "He came down early and he did all the prep with my mom. He said that I'd committed to the movie and I should focus on that and he didn't want me to be distracted. It's wonderful to have a partner like that."

How cute! We can't wait to see the movie based on the wedding, especially because it stars Mindy!