Love Island's Cassie was on X Factor UK and you've got to see her audition

scandal 29/10/2019

If there's one thing you watch today, it's got to be this.

Cassie Lansdell might be on Love Island Australia right now, but she actually made her TV debut on a little show that you might've heard of, called X Factor UK.

let's be real, we've all had that moment when you're singing, you hit a note that actually sounded not too bad and you think "I should go on X Factor".

And while for most of us that thought doesn't usually last long, for Cassie, that's exactly what she did.

Back in 2013, with one of her friends, Cassie auditioned for X Factor UK in front of judges Nicole Scherzinger, Gary Barlow, and  Sharon Osborne.

Cassie not only sang Cheryl's Call My Name, she also rapped it too and yes, there is a video. 

Let's hope we get to hear her rapping again in the villa some time soon!