Groom surprises his bride with a kitten on their wedding day

trending 25/10/2019

We dare you not to tear up at this cuteness. 

Orion Metheny and Kaylee Schmidt (now Schmidt-Metheny) met as teenagers at their church's youth group, the perfect All-American love story.

"I was 15 (almost 16) and she was 17 (almost 18). We spent a few years long distance as she went to college in Nashville, Tennessee. I graduated high school and went to college in our home town of Morgantown, West Virginia. After graduating, she moved back. ‘We got engaged on our four-year anniversary and dated almost 5 and a half years total before getting married," Orion said.

The pair waited to move in together until after the wedding, with Orion living alone in their soon-to-be home leading up to the wedding.

But there was one thing missing to complete Kaylee's perfect life - she knew would miss her parents' cat Nala when she left the family home and was desperate to get her own, but Orion had never had a pet before.

The couple's story has since gone viral, as shared by their wedding photographer who was in on the big secret - that Orion would surprise Kaylee with a kitten on the big day. 

"While Orion wasn’t the biggest fan of indoor pets, Kaylee was an avid cat lover and couldn’t imagine leaving her family cat when she moved to her new home with Orion. Orion had a change of heart and went to go adopt a new kitten at the shelter to surprise her with at the wedding, because she would definitely not be expecting it! When the shelter turned him down because he mentioned give it as a wedding present, it was fate that two abandoned kittens were found near his home," said Megan O'Dell, the photographer. 

"Kaylee didn’t move in until after the wedding. And we are renting. So it wasn’t that we couldn’t get a kitten, but I needed to make sure that we had the best environment to bring it home to. If it's something that will bring Kaylee joy and give an animal a loving home then I thought it seemed like a win-win," said Orion.

The groom's 92-year-old grandma Jean helped to house the kitten (named Chloe, awwwww) before the wedding, until it was time for her to join Kaylee in her forever home. 

Megan captured the moment beautifully, our hearts can't handle it. Check out the happy couple and their new bundle of joy below:

Orion also wanted to clear up that the other abandoned kitten he found with Chloe has also found a new loving home:

"The second kitten found a home! I’d asked around if anyone had any kittens that needed homes. A family had rescued both kittens but was only able to keep one. So that's why I only adopted Chloe. I didn’t just leave the second kitten as people seem to be worried about. That’s not my heart to do something like that,"

"Chloe seems to be adjusting great by herself! So no kitties were abandoned in any way during our story!"