Behind the scenes things you never knew about MAFS NZ

scandal 09/10/2019

As the third season of Married At First Sight NZ nears its finale, it's fair to say we've learned a lot about the hopeful romantics taking part. 

We've heard confessions of sex tapes, bedroom habits and late-night debauchery - but believe it or not, there are still some secrets hidden behind closed doors. 

Ahead of the dramatic dinner party reunion next week, here they are.

Five things you never knew about Married At First Sight NZ:

  • James and Carmen had a sliding doors moment when they almost met in Greece in 2018. They share a mutual friend who texted Carmen telling her to look James up at the bar he was working at while she was travelling.

    "Make sure you go to Lost Boys," the message read. "Go and see Jimmy...he's a Kiwi good as dude!" 

    Carmen did head to Lost Boys that night, but didn't meet James. That is, until they were married this year.
  • Over 11,000 New Zealand singles have applied to get Married at First Sight across all three seasons. During the commitment ceremonies, there are 13 cameras recording at one time, leading to a total of 697 hours, 56minutes and 46 seconds of footage - the poor editors!

Stefaan's application video was a 51-second-long Snapchat mashup of the great outdoors where he didn’t show his face.

He only uttered four words - "for f**ks sake" and "f**k” - and drank a beer while listening to 'Body' by Loud Luxury feat. Brando.

Needless to say, the experts were intrigued enough to want to meet him. 

Between the 10 MAFS participants this year they have 26 tattoos. Jono has the most tattoos with a total of 10, and is already planning number 11.

One of Carmen's most notable bits of body art is a cake emoji tattooed on her butt.

Ray, Jordan, Rose, Stefaan and Christopher remain uninked, for now. At 45-years-old, Rose is now considering getting her first tatt. 

The two-part finale of Married At First Sight NZ will air on Sunday at 7.00pm and Monday at 7.30pm on ThreeNow