McDonald's is releasing an Indian burger complete with garlic naan as the bun

trending 24/09/2019

Can someone please play Hilary Duff's "This is what dreams are made of" because of my McLord our food prayers have been answered.

As part of their 'Great Tastes of the World' promotion, McDonald's in the UK have just announced a brand new Indian inspired burger.

The mouth watering burger is going to made up of two chicken fillets topped with red onion, garlic mayo, lettuce, an Indian-style relish and finally a garlic naan bun.

Sorry, you might not have quite felt the excitment that went into typing that so let's just repeat it one more time so you can take it in.... a garlic McLovin' naan bun.

The new addition to the menu will be available in the UK from 25th September until 22nd October.

And we have just one question... can we get this in NZ too!?