KFC is starting its own Sushi Train and it's coming to Auckland

scandal 11/09/2019

Things are about to get finger lickin' good for sushi lovers. 

KFC are jumping on the asian-fushion band wagon (or train) with their very own sushi train.

For one day only, their sushi train will be open at KFC's Fort Street store in celebration of their new, limited edition, Teriyaki Double Down.

The new double downs, which will be available from September 17th, are made up of two secret recipe chicken fillets, bacon, cheese, a hashbrown, and then it's all topped off with Kewpie Mayo and Teriyaki sauce. 

So if your go to sushi order is the classic Teriyaki chicken, you're going to love this!

The double downs will be available on the day along with other sushi creations featuring items from their menu including popcorn chicken, chips, and their secret recipe tenders.

The one-day-only KFC sushi train is going down on Monday, 16th of September, and if you want to be there, you just need to enter here.