David Bain's case is being turned into a drama series

scandal 27/09/2019

One of New Zealand's most infamous murder mysteries is being turned into a TV series.

The Bain family murders has had the nation devided on whether or not David Bain was responsible for it since 1994 and now, we'll get a new look at the lead up to the events.

Based on Stuff's podcast 'Black Hands', Warner Bros are creating a drama series, of the same name, set one month before the murders and will follow the story 'through the eyes of the victims and accused' Stuff reports.

"The fact Warners is putting a lot of energy and resources into the series is a credit to everyone involved in the podcast" says Van Beynen, narrator and creator of the Stuff podcast.

The series will be made up of 5 episodes, airing on TVNZ 1.