'Fiji Water' owners donate $750 million to climate change research

trending 30/09/2019

The owners of Fiji Water have just made one of the biggest ever donations towards climate change research.

Stewart and Lynda Resnick, co-owners of The Wonderful Company whose brands include Fiji Water and POM Wonderful, have pledged to donate $750 million to the California Institute of Technology.

At $750 million, the donation is not only the largest ever made towards climate change research but also the second largest donation made to a US academic institution ever.

"In order to comprehensively manage the climate crisis, we need breakthrough innovations, the kind that will only be possible through significant investment in university research." Said Stewart Resnick, who's also a member of Caltech's Board of Trustees.

"Science and bold creativity must unite to address the most pressing challenges facing energy, water, and sustainability."

Speaking of the incredible donation, Caltech president,  Thomas F. Rosenbaum said this investment will help "tackle issues of water, energy, food, and waste in a world confronting rapid climate change."

"The Resnick Sustainability Institute will now be able to mount efforts at scale, letting researchers across campus follow their imaginations and translate fundamental discovery into technologies that dramatically advance solutions to society's most pressing problems."

The Resnick Sustainability Institute was set up over a decade ago by Caltech after another selfless donation of $30 million from the couple.