This giant inflatable Twister is the summer game of dreams

trending 30/08/2019

Winter's almost over guys, and you know what that means - summer's on its way!!!

And we've basically found our dream in game form: a giant inflatable Twister game!

Hammacher Schlemmer, an American catalog store, is selling a 15-foot by 15-foot inflatable Twister mat which comes with a 1 horse-power air blower, and a 3-foot tall spinning wheel. 

The game works exactly the same as the origincal, except you can play with more people. It's also likely to be a bit harder with everyone moving around on the inflatable - ever tried to balance when someone's jumping up and down on a bouncy castle?

The game's prettyyyyy pricey ($2,000 USD waaaahhhh), but here's hoping someone closer to home picks up on the idea and makes a cheaper version for us to all enjoy. Fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed.