Little Mix's Jesy Nelson releasing mental health awareness documentary

scandal 02/09/2019

Jesy Nelson has filmed a documentary about her mental health battles while growing up in the spotlight with Little Mix!

The Edge & Live Nation is proud to present Little Mix when they return for one show at Auckland’s Spark Arena on Thursday, 19 December.

Jesy Nelson’s doco, Odd One Out, will air in the UK on the 12th September, after the Little Mix singer opened up to the cameras about how seven years in the limelight and constant scrutiny has taken its toll on her... 

Odd One Out will look at how growing up in a social media-fuelled age of selfies, body shaming and trolling is having a profound impact on the mental health of young people.

Having lived in the spotlight and under the intense scrutiny of the media for the past seven years, Jesy will bring this unique insight and passion to the documentary, as she shares her very personal experiences and talks to young people who have been affected

Jesy said the documentary would be challenging, but is passionate about highlighting “a hugely important issue affecting young people today”.

While the documentary is still a few weeks away, Jesy said in a recent Instagram post she finally feels happy with herself following years of seeing herself as “the fat one from Little Mix”.