It's The Edge's birthday! Here's a look back at the past 25 years

The Edge 08/08/2019

Today is the 25th birthday of The Edge!

From marrying strangers, getting naked, starting our own boy band, it's been a big 25 years.

But as they say, time really does fly when you're having fun!

Check out some of the many photos from over the past years below:

1. How about that logo?

2. Before the Road Runners, we had a van...

3. that you?

4. Did anyone else forget The Project's Jesse Mulligan worked for The Edge!?

5. Should we bring back the Evil Cash Cow?

6. The first EdgeFest!

7. Sharyn's first show on The Edge with Brad

8. Back when Marty was just a producer...

9. But then he became an announcer and dressed for the occasion 

10. When Steph was just a Road Runner!

11. The Edge TV was born!

12. Remember when we made a boy-band called Titanium?

13. The studio became a petting zoo

14. We don't even know what do say about this one...

15. John Key tried singing a Christmas song

16. Fast forward 25 years later!