Dog owners kiss their dogs more than their partners says study

trending 05/09/2019

We already knew that our dogs rank pretty highly in our things we love list, but it turns out that they may even rank higher than our partners.

According to some new surveys and studies, people who own dogs are more likely and more willing to give their pooch a smooch than they are to kiss their partners.

Riley's Organics, an organic dog treat company, conducted a survey to see just how close we are with our doggos. And what did they find?

According to the results, 52% of participants admitted to kissing their dogs more than they kiss their partner. More than 50% also said they would prefer to sleep with their dog next to them in bed over their significant other...

All we can say to that is:

One finding of the study didn't come as much of a shock though - 94% of participants think of their dogs as their best friends. Awwwww. 

A seperate US survey also found that over half of dog owners admitted to skipping social events to just chill with their pups. We must say, we're guilty of this.