Barrett brothers share the story of their sister to raise awareness for Down syndrome

scandal 12/08/2019

All Black's Beaden Barrett, along with his two other brothers and fellow team mates Scott and Jordie, have shared the story of their sister Zara to help raise awareness for Down syndrome.

Zara has Down syndrome, a genetic condition that affects one in every thousand babies born in New Zealand.

Her brothers have taken the time to share her story to help out Upside Downs Education trust, a charity which helps people like Zara who have Down syndrome get life changing speech therapy they need.

"People with Down syndrome need to feel loved and included," Beauden says.

"She's so awesome and we love that about her. She calls it how she sees it and she appreciates the simple things in life."

The Upside Downs Education trust says it costs families an average of $4000 dollars a year and up to $10,000 for one-on-one speech therapy which many need.

"It is so important so they can feel included in conversation, in social circumstances, so they just so they can feel involved and as though they have value," Beauden says.

"Zara without speech couldn't keep us honest, couldn't share her views and points - and tell us how much she actually loves us and cares for us and supports us. It is super special that she can do that."

Read Newshub's Patrick Gower's full story here and to find out more about Down syndrome or to donate, go to