Cadbury's Caramilk is rumoured to be making a return to NZ stores

scandal 22/08/2019

Cadbury's Caramilk chocolate is a bit of a fan favourite with chocolate lovers and now it might be making a comeback!

An Australian Facebook page 'The Grocery Greek' has received a tip from someone they call a 'reliable source', who says the chocolate will be back on shelves later this year.

"It is strongly rumoured that Cadbury is re-releasing its very popular Caramilk later this month…. stay tuned!" the post read.

Chances are if the chocolate is re-released in Australia, then we'll get it back on our shores too!

Last year, Cadbury released 1.5 million blocks of Caramilk but after they went out of stock some blocks were selling for as much as $50 online.

Fingers crossed this turns out to be true!