Behind the scenes Love Island worker shares some of the contestants' weird requests

scandal 25/07/2019

The Love Island contestants are treated so well behind the scenes. We never actually see them eating, but a runner of the ITV show has recently revealed all the requests they get from the islanders. 

Even though we don't see it the Islanders snack just as much as the rest of us Bella reveals. Some of the requests are much more bizarre than others apparently, especially what Tommy requests. 

“I look after all of the islanders’ wants and needs, which usually includes food,”

This is the back of the larder. This is where we put all of the islanders’ requests. Islanders love snacks: crisps, cookies, chocolate – and they love coffee.

She also reveals that they have hot catered food delivered every day and says that the boys each endless amounts of chicken. 

“All of the food is by a catering company, and the guys eat a lot of food. A lot of protein. They will have three or four chicken breasts in one meal.”

“One of the biggest eaters is definitely Tommy and he seems to have mayonnaise on every meal and he will got through half a bottle per day,” 

Another odd request comes from Anton, with his breath spray and apparently he goes through a whole bottle a day!! 

When it comes to the cleaning of the villa the girls changing room is the worst, which isn't overly surprising... makeup goes everywhere and is always the worst to clean. 

One job of the location manager which seems bizarre is keeping the goats away from the villa, he says,

"There were about 14 goats that came from the mountains. They ate some of the plants and they broke some of the walls."

Thank god they didn't get into Tommy's mayo!!