The new Veronica Mars trailer has us fizzed for the new season


After 12 years away from TV, of course Veronica Mars has an explosive return. 

Veronica Mars is back in Neptune (she returned in the movie continuation that fans helped fund in 2014) and working as a private eye. But the death of her best friend, a bus crash and a serial rapist may be small potato mysteries compared to what she's about to tackle now: a serial bomber.

"It's possible that these bombings are part of a campaign to destroy this town," Veronica says.

The new season of Veronica Mars will stick to what worked with the original series, but the character has aged. She's not a high school kid anymore.

"It's different when she's an adult," Bell said. "The world is bigger, it's sort of darker and dirtier, but she still has her moral compass, her sass and her wit. It's still very much a show about the haves and the have nots and Veronica fighting for the underdog. It made me so happy to do it again."

New episodes of Veronica Mars are coming this July.