Love Island is making men feel insecure, according to survey

trending 21/06/2019

While the effect media portrayal has on women's self esteem is often commented on, men are usually skimmed over.

We all know that the gorgeous women on Love Island and the multitude of work they've had done makes gals watching feel super insecure, but they're not alone apparently.

According to a new survey of 413 UK-based males, almost 2/3 men who watch Love Island admitted the show makes them feel insecure, and 64% of those said the feelings related to their bodies. 

Not only were they worried about their bodies though, 37% claimed they felt insecure about their facial appearance too. Awwww.

After hearing about the show's male stars talking about their partying and experiences with girls, 44% of men also claimed the show made them feel bad about their life experiences. 39% also felt insecure about their charm with girls, and 27% about their personality in general. 

The co-founder of the study, Russ Morgan, said: 

"Seeing chiselled bodies on Love Island and the summer months approaching, it is amazing to see how many people are seeking out fitness professionals. While pursuing a healthy lifestyle is important, it's equally important that it's done for the right reasons. Don't let a television show dictate how people 'should' look and don't work toward that unrealistic standard. Instead, pursue a healthy lifestyle."

We couldn't agree more. And that goes for you girls too. 

While it's fun to watch, don't let your Love Island binges effect how you feel about yourself!