Cadbury have brought out Perky Nana flavoured Pineapple Lumps - yum!


Cadbury are back at it again with their latest mash up of kiwi goodness – “Perky Nana Lumps”.

The limited edition treat combines 2 of their legendary chocolates – Pineapple Lumps and Perky Nana bars, merging together as bite sized banana flavoured chews covered with a DELIIIIISH choccy coating. Ummmmm YUM?!

“Pineapple Lumps and Perky Nana continue to be some of the most popular and iconic lollies in NZ – what better way to pay tribute than to mash up these much loved kiwi treats” says Cara Liebrock, Country Manager for Mondelez New Zealand.

This tasty Perky Nana Lump treat will be on our shelves from July 1st, but they're only there for a limited time so ya might want to stock up if you're loving them!