Wine water now exists and we're not sure how we feel about it

trending 24/05/2019

Love the taste and smell of wine, but don't want the alcohol that comes with it? Yeah, us neither. But for some people out there this may be just what they need!

This Israeli start-up has created a miracle drink called 'O. Vine Wine Grape Infused Water', which mixes the smell and taste of wine with pure spring water. 

The bev is non-alcoholic, but it does contain all the good-for-you parts of wine by using extracts from wine grape skins and seeds. One of the compounds found in grape skin, resveratrol, may help boost cardiovascular health and protect against cancer. Ok, maybe we're back on board. 

The CEO of Practical Innovation, Tal Leizer, said in a press release: "Our mission was to create a pure water sensation that not only inspires consumers to appreciate wine’s complex flavors and aromas but also leverages sustainable principles by reusing the skins and seeds from the wine grapes remaining from the winemaking process,"

It might be a hit for women who are pregnant and miss the taste of wine, or if you're just on a health kick. The drink comes in still and bubbly in both red and white wine varieties depending on your preference - there's a cabernet, Syrah, merlot and petit verdot in red, and a Riesling and gewürztraminer in white. 

Cheers we guess?