UNO confirms we've been ignoring a certain rule all this time

trending 10/05/2019

Want to lose lifelong friends real quick? Playing a good ol' game of UNO should do the trick.

Anyone who's played UNO (see: EVERYONE) knows that as soon as the cards are dealt, all loyalties are immediately lost and friendships go straight out the window. The only thing you stick to are the rules.

BUT apparently we've been playing the wrong rules all this time!

UNO took to Twitter this week to completely shatter our entire universe, and everything we've ever known or believed in. 

You know how if someone puts down a +4 card before you, you're usually super relieved because OH you have a +2 in your hand, so you just play that so the next person has to pick up 6? WELL THINK AGAIN. 

According to UNO, you're not allowed to stack +4 and +2 cards, and we are SHOOK. 

What the actual EF. Naturally the internet didn't take the news well. At least we got some laughs out of the tragic news.