Video shows the abandoned Big Brother house is now in ruins


It's been a while since we saw Big Brother on our screens. Five years in fact.

Even though we still love Big Brother and think of it fondly...apparently time hasn't been so kind to the mansion.

YouTuber Muitube headed in and filmed the mansion, even putting comparisons in the video of what rooms used to look like.

See the tour below.

MuiTube often posts video tours of abandoned and decaying buildings to his channel but this one is even more interesting as we can easily compare it to the way the mansion used to look during Big Brother days.

The pool has even turned into a dirty, green swamp.

If you watched Big Brother, you'd fondly remember the rewards room. It now has peeling wallpaper and a spa with green water.

Earlier today, there were reports that the house had been deliberately burnt down by vandals. A video showed smoke billowing up from the location of the house. Since the video went up, the title of it has changed to say that the mansion was not on fire, but was in fact behind the house.