Producers explain why Andy looks so different in Toy Story 4


As you should 100% be aware of by now, Toy Story 4 is almost upon us.

However, the trailer has had people questioning whether their memory is right because Andy appears to look really different to how we all remember him. Perhaps as kiddies when we first watched it, we weren't paying attention? Nope, he does look different.

It would be normal for Andy to look different now as he's obviously older but what we see in the trailer is what appears to be a flashback of him in his childhood bedroom...

So, why does he look different?

There were a few crazy theories going online, with some people suggesting the boy was Andy's son and others wondering if he had plastic surgery (LOL WTF).

The truth is far more straightforward - basically, Andy looked a bit shit in the 90s films so they used today's superior technology to make him look less...weird....

If you actually look at the original Andy, he does look a bit weird to be fair. 

Buuuuttt it's the Andy we know and love so we're still feeling all kind of ways about it. recently visited Pixar Studios, where production designer, Bob Pauley, and global technology supervisor, Bill Reeves - who both worked on the original Toy Story - explained that the team became adept at toy animations, which didn't really translate well onto human characters.

As such, when it came to making the newest film, they basically decided that Andy looked a bit outdated/plastic, so they gave him a bit of a touch-up.

If you're not happy with that explanation, feel free to buy into some other people's bull lol: