MAFS' Jess and The Bachelor's Honey Badger are apparently dating

scandal 22/05/2019

You thought just because Married At First Sight was over, that the drama was too? Well, let's just say...

MAFS' Jess left the show with Dan but after their awkward AF live-on-air fight, it was no surprise the couple had broken up.

However it looks like Jess has now found love with none-other than The Bachelor's Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins.

According to NW, the couple are in the early stages of dating after sliding into each other's DsM on Instagram.

"She slid into his DMs after things fizzled with Dan and they've arranged to meet up. She wasn't exactly subtle." A source close to Jess told the outlet.

"She thinks he's really, really hot and let him know it. He's got such a great body. He's big and muscly – which we all know is what Jess loves."

However, we shouldn't expect the couple to go public anytime soon. After the public fallout of her relationship with Dan, Jess is looking to make a more 'cautious' approach this time.

"Jess and Nick are keeping things on the down low for now,Jess thought her future was with Dan, but look how that turned out. She doesn't want to make the same mistake twice by rushing things with Nick. They're having fun."

Neither Jess or Nick have commented on the dating rumours but the source went on to say that they're definitely perfect for each other.

"They both don't take themselves too seriously and love having a laugh. They'll be the bogan King and Queen of Australia."

We'll have to wait and see if it's all true after all!