Lil Nas X's surprise performance at a primary school is so wholesome

scandal 31/05/2019

Some school kids in Ohio got the surprise of their lives when Lil Nas X came to perform 'Old Town Road' at their school this week, all stemming from a Tweet.

Last week, the principal of Lander Elementary, Felecia Evans, tweeted a cute af video of her students jamming to 'Old Town Road' after a talent show:

Lil Nas X himself saw the tweet and responded saying:

Evans then DM'd him to see if the offer was serious, and it was, so they started planning. 

"It was completely a secret. The day before, the media had contacted me and I said, 'Unfortunately, we’re not going to make it work,'" Evans said, tricking the local media into thinking the surprise wasn't going ahead.

Most of the school staff also had no idea what was going on, but a few selected staff and the local police were in on it. 

The big day was on the end-of-year magic show, when Evans went on stage at the school and said: "I have one more magic show for you. Do you want to see it?", followed by Lil Nas X popping out:

Skip to 3:33 if you want to see the madness of a sea of under 10s going nuts to Old Town Road. Quite possibly one of the best things we've ever seen. The little guy in the grey tracksuit up front is such a mood. 

Lil Nas X wanted to not only perform, but also take time to meet the kids, so after the show the whole school lined the hallways. Lil Nas X then walked through, high-fiving and taking selfies with each kid.

"Never in million years did I think tagging him on Twitter would result in this," said Evans.

What a great story for all those kids to tell in a few years.