HBO's new 'Chernobyl' series is the highest rated TV show of all time

scandal 24/05/2019

If you're suffering from post-show-depression now that Game of Thrones has finished leaving you with nothing to watch, we think we've found your new fix.

HBO have released a new series based on the infamous nuclear reactor disaster in the Ukrainian town in 1986.

Since it's premeire, the series has recieved top reviews and now it's become the higest rated show on IMBd.

Beating the likes of Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Planet Earth 2, Chernobyl now has an incredily 9.5 rating on the site.

Will Gompertz, reviewer for BBC, was one of the many to give the show five stars saying:

To say Sky/HBO's new mini-series Chernobyl is thought-provoking would be like describing Usain Bolt as quite a fast runner, or the water under the Antarctic sea ice as a bit chilly.

This is TV that doesn't just get you thinking, it stops you sleeping.

And it's not just reviewers that're loving the new show. Since it's release, viewers o Twitter hasn't been able stop saying how much they love it!

'Chernobyl' is available to stream in NZ right now on Neon.