Fresh flowers can physically help you feel better according to research

trending 24/05/2019

Flowers are pretty much the go-to pressie you get for anyone who's feeling sad or sick, but turns out they're way more helpful than just a cute gesture. 

According to a study by the American Society for Horticulture evaluating whether plants have therapeutic influences on surgical patients, flowers actually make you feel physically better. Who knew?!

In the study, 90 patients were split into rooms either with or without plants, and the results were pretty crazy.

The patients who were exposed to flowers had lower blood pressure and heart rate, lower ratings of pain, anxiety and fatigue, and have more positive feelings and higher satisfaction about their rooms than the patients without any flowers. 

So not only are flowers pretty, they'll genuinely help to heal you. 

BRB, just off to buy a florist's entire stock.