Chris Lilley accused of stealing the idea for 'Lunatics' character from this YouTuber

scandal 20/05/2019

Chris Lilley's given Netflix one of their biggest shows of the year but it looks like the idea for one of his characters might've come from someone else...

An Australian YouTuber is considering taking legal actions over the similarities between a character he created back in 2012, and the character of 'Becky Douglas' in Netflix' Lunatics.

In 2012, Hamish Williams created a 'World's Tallest Girl' skit on YouTube.

His character, Sheridan Belvedere, is an eight foot tall teenage girl with a bubbly personality, big social following,  and distinct way of getting around buildings made for shorter people.

All characteristics that are very similar to Lilley's new character....

Speaking with, Hamish said he was surprised when he saw the new character on Lunatics.

“I’m not going to lie, I looked it up straight away and was like, ‘What the hell? This is kind of actually like …’ some of the shots are shot for shot,” he shared.

“The mannerisms of her and going under the doorway and I think she mentioned that she had an internet persona about her, which I believe in the original Sheridan (video) she talks about being famous online as well.”

Hamish went on to share his frustration for seeing what he believes as his idea being stolen.

"I guess the most frustrating thing is comedy is my passion and obviously it’s Chris Lilley’s passion, but it’s kind of annoying because he’s obviously a very wealthy person from making skits and stuff," he explained.

“Here I am trying to have a similar career to him and then for him to come along and pinch ideas, that’s probably the most frustrating part of all … Even if it doesn’t go on TV, even if it’s just for YouTube, I still put a lot of effort in.”

Both Netflix and Chris Lilley's manager have not yet commented on the accusation.