You can rent this giant potato as an Airbnb because why not

trending 26/04/2019

Ever wanted to live inside a giant potato? Yeah us neither, but sometimes we don't know what we want until we see it's an option right?

So we're here to present you with this giant potato that you can rent as an Airbnb in Idaho. 

The Idaho Potato Commission has gifted Airbnb a six-tonne potato hotel set on 400 acres of land. Sorry to crush any dreams though - it's not actually a real potato. The 28-foot long structure is made of steel, plaster and concrete, and was originally made to celebrate the Idaho Potato Commission's 75th anniverary. It's been on the road for the last seven years, and now it's finally found it's forever home.

Kristie Wolfe, a tiny-home builder, decided to turn the giant potato into a hotel of sorts, and it's now been listed on Airbnb. 

And it's actually pretty cool inside tbh - it's even got a fireplace, a bathroom and air con. It'll set you back $200 USD per night, but just so you know there's no WIFI. Still interested? You can book it here.