This baby flamingo scene from Our Planet is another moment you'll want to skip

trending 12/04/2019

You've probably seen all over the internet people's outrage at the shocking walrus scene from David Attenborough's latest project Netflix's 'Our Planet'. If you haven't heard about it, it basically shows walruses falling off a cliff to their deaths due to climate change. *sob*

Well now there's another moment to break our collective heart - one of the first scenes in the eight part docoseries shows a bunch of flamingos flock to the largest salt plain in Africa to mate and raise their young. 

By the time their babies are born, most of the water from the incredibly rare rain deluge has dried up, and the flamingos are forced to waddle up to 50 kms to have a drink.

As the chicks run across the dried up ground, the remnants of water combine with leftover salt and causes a build-up on the little baby flamingos' feet. Because they're so small, the heavy boots created cause some of the chicks to fall behind. 

While we don't actually see any of the chicks die, it's pretty much spelled out for us - not all of them make it to the water. 

People were pretty open about their heartbreak at the scene:

"Who else watched the first episode of Our Planet on Netflix and sobbed while watching that little baby flamingo with the salt-laden legs struggle to keep up with the rest of the flock," wrote one person.

"Swear to god if no one on the Our Planet crew helped that baby flamingo with the solidified salt on its little legs, I will have lost all faith in humanity," said another.

Thankfully Netflix has given a list of scenes that you may want to skip if you found the walrus and flamingo scenes horrifying: