People are freaking out over Netflix' new 'Slenderman' inspired film

trending 05/04/2019

If you love a scary movie, you're going to love this.

Netflix have a new movie in the works inspired by the creepy AF urban legend, Slenderman.

The movie, called 'Mercy Black', is based on the infamous true story of two 14 year old girls who were convicted of stabbing another girl in hopes of impressing Slenderman.

During an interview, director Owen Egerton said the movie isn't just about retelling the same story.

"We are exploring similar situations, and you want to be - not just sensitive, but respectful of the people involved in those stories."

"Those stories where someone is victim and responsible party, that scares me, and the way I deal with it is to write about the things that scare me."

The film has been released on Netflix in the UK but is not yet available in NZ.