MAFS US star announces engagement to one of the show's experts

scandal 15/04/2019

And we thought the Australian Married At First Sight was as scandalous as it could get...

Incase you're only just finding out now, yes, there's a Married At First Sight US and one of the stars have just made all of Jess' drama look like childs play.

Jon Francetic, one of the stars from last year, announced this week that he's engaged to one of the show's experts, counselor, Dr. Jessica Griffin.

While on the show, Jessica was counseling Jon and his now ex-wife Molly Duff before confirming last August that the pair were dating.

Posting on Instagram, Jon announced the news of their engagement saying:

"I just love how happy she looks. 😍 Oh, and we got engaged at the Grand Canyon yesterday! And now @dr.jessicagriffin is mine foreverrrr #shesmine #nervouswreck @grandcanyonadventures,"

According to People, Jessica will not be returning as an expert on Married At First Sight US.