MAFS AU's Nasser confirms he could be on MAFS NZ 😱

scandal 02/05/2019

You might remember Nasser from last season of Married at First Sight Australia.

He was teamed up with Gabby. The pair hit it off from the get-go but their marriage quickly broke down.

He definitely was a quirky character with a lot of personality...! 

SO, rumours have been circulating that Nasser has applied for New Zealand's next Married at First Sight NZ. We were a little sceptical about this... so, we called him to confirm the news.

AND it's true! Nasser said:

I did apply...I have a soft spot for New Zealand. The girls are just absolutely beautiful, I think anyway compared to the Sydney girls. I really do - I mean here we're just full of botox...I found the New Zealand people are just so gorgeous and so friendly so I thought you know what, I'm gonna apply for this and I did.