Khloe Kardashian is still shading Tristan Thompson with her Instagram stories

scandal 01/04/2019

Ya know what Khloé Kardashian is GREAT at on Instagram? Posting cryptic messages/quotes in her Insta stories that can be seen either as completely innocent status updates or serious shade.

Khloé was back at it when she posted some quotes that seem to be taking digs at Tristan Thompson, her ex with she def didn't have the greatest relationship with.

So Khloé shared two quotes, the first of which was all about the type of relationship that she wants, and it started with "I crave a love that adds value to my life. I don't want a relationship, I want a partnership." And if we read into this (which we're obviously going to), it seems like she could be saying that she hasn't ever had this ideal relationship that she's looking for, and Tristan didn't add much, er, value to her life—besides baby True, obvs.

She then posted a second image:

The second quote is much more obvs, saying, "forgive yourself for falling in love with his potential, and for believing he would change someday." Yeah, that's clear. Tristan cheated on her multiple times.

And if you're a major hater of Tristan, don't worry, a lot of people still hate him. He was literally booed at his basketball game in the US yesterday.