Hacked Aussie Lime Scooters are screaming 'I don't like to be ridden' and more

trending 24/04/2019

Eight Lime scooters have had to be pulled off the streets of Brisbane after vandals hacked the e-scooters' audio system, the Brisbane Times reports.

Footage showing the popular electric scooter screaming multiple different messages, including "I don't like to be ridden", was shared to Twitter this week. 

Lime Queensland has confirmed the company was actively checking to see if any other scooters had been vandalised.

Lime Queensland public affairs manager Nelson Savanh called the incident "disappointing".

"It's not smart, it's not funny and is akin to changing a ringtone.

"It's disappointing that someone has taken this opportunity to poke fun at members of the community in a hurtful way," Savanh said.

SOURCE: Newshub's Emma Clark.