'Attenborough Effect' has caused a 53% drop in single use plastic over 12 months

trending 18/04/2019

Another reason why David Attenborough truely is a world treasure.

A new report in the UK has found that over half of consumers have reduced the amount of disposable plastic they're using over the past 12 months due to the 'Attenborough Effect'.

The study claims that over the past year, the drop in use is all thanks to awareness raising initiatives including David Attenborough's TV series 'Blue Planet II' and Netflix's 'Our Planet'.

The report, which was made up of 3,833 consumers, saw 42% of consumers say they now look out for products that use sustainable materials when making purchases.

The report went on to say that those who valued sustainable packaging did so because they're concerned about the future of the environment.

Chase Buckle, trends manager at GlobalWebIndex, the company behind the report, said:

‘What is important to note, is that the younger generations grew up during the height of the sustainability crisis with high-profile, environmentalist documentaries widely available on the content platforms they prefer over conventional TV.’