MAFS Sam has been spotted in this Netflix series and we're speechless

scandal 08/03/2019

Earlier this month we found out that over half of the contestants on MAFS have a past in acting, and looks like that's definitely the case for Sam too!

While he might not be in the show anymore, eagle-eyed viewers have spotted him in a new Netflix series 'Secret City'.

The series, which came out in June last year, is a political thriller based on the books The Marmalade Files and The Mandarin Code by Chris Uhlmann and Steve Lewis.

According to Sam's IMBD page (because yes, he has one) he plays a CPP officer in Season 2, episode 5.

Yes that's him on the right and yes, he looks completely different without a beard.

While more and more of the cast seem to be actors outside of the show, MAFS producers Tara McWilliams and John Walsh say they 100% haven't been hired.

"We are well aware that some of the cast have done part-time modelling, appeared as extras in commercials or TV shows to supplement their income, but the suggestion that any of them were hired as performers to appear on Married At First Sight is categorically untrue," Walsh told the publication.

"It does a great disservice to the participants on the program who have all genuinely put themselves out there for the sake of this social experiment. You only need to see the anguish many of them go through every week exposing their emotions and vulnerability to see they are not acting. Every word they utter and action they take is heavily scrutinised by critics and social media."

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