MAFS Bronson has a new girlfriend and we couldn't be happier

scandal 04/03/2019

If there's one person we've felt sorry for during Married At First Sight, It's Bronson.

Not only because he was paired with Ines who wasn't making it a secret she hated him, but because he seemed to genuinely be trying to find a connection with her.

*meanwhile she was busy making a connection with someone else...*

But don't worry, we've got some good news for all you Bronson lovers!

After leaving the show during this week's commitment ceremony, Bronson has been spotted on holiday in Bali with his new girlfriend.

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The Daily Mail were first to notice Bronson's new relationship with Melissa Dobson after she posted a photo of them together on Instagram.

CREDIT: Instagram

The post has since been deleted and her account made private but Melissa captioned the photo:

Worth the wait #catsoutofthebag

Speaking with The Daily Mail, one of their close friends said "He’s known Mel for years and there’s always been a slight spark between them.Once he returned to Perth after filming MAFS they reconnected and started dating."

Let's hope Mel accepts him for the man that he is. (and that eye-brow peircing...)