Lime scooters announce new rollerblade option in New Zealand

scandal 01/04/2019

Lime scooters took off when they hit NZ, with their popularity quickly rising from launch. Alongside their popularity also came a feeeewww injuries and a brief ban of the scooters. BUT this is all behind the brand as they are set to launch their new venture: Lime Blades.

Yep, we're getting Lime rollerblades baby! 

Lime CEO, Kowhai Lemon says of the new product:

We're really excited to be launching Lime Blades in New Zealand. We had such a positive response to our scooters and we knew we had to get this new product to Kiwis ASAP

So, look out because you'll be sharing your feet with a few other strangers in the near future.

Oh and btw April Fools! The above article is unfortunately completely untrue. But feel free to tag your mates in this to see if they fall for it too 😂