Cole Sprouse says Dylan Sprouse cried watching new movie 'Five Feet Apart'

scandal 15/03/2019

Cole Sprouse's new movie 'Five Feet Apart' is apparently a major tear-jerker. Get those tissues ready.

The movie stars Sprouse alongside 'The Edge of Seventeen'’s Haley Lu Richardson as two young patients with cystic fibrosis who fall in love. 

We know it's going to be pretty touching from that description alone, but apparently Cole's twin Dylan was even moved to tears after watching the premiere.

Dylan told a slightly different story though, writing: "Very proud of Cole Sprouse for all his hard work on ‘Five Feet Apart’ even though he’s dressed like when SpongeBob goes to prom. I swear I’m tough and didn’t cry in the theatre and if anyone saw me do that, they were being deceived. All of the performances in this are amazing and you all should see it soon so we can **not** cry together. Happy I got a chance to cheese with Cole on this special occasion."

Uh huh, we believe you Dylan... There's no shame in crying man, let your feelings be free!

The movie comes out in NZ cinemas next Saturday 23rd March - it can't come quick enough.