Martha from MAFS AU says what Ines is really like off camera

scandal 14/02/2019

Without a doubt, the villain of Married at First Sight Australia this year has to be Ines but what's she really like off camera?

From her wedding where she told Bronson to take out his peircing to their honeymoon where she told him to 'shut the f**k up', Ines has not been afraid to speak her mind (even though it hasn't been going down well with viewers of the show).

But apparently we've got Ines all wrong, even though we find that very hard to believe.

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Speaking with Now To Love, fellow MAFS bride Martha and her husband Michael have shared what Ines is really like off camera.

“Deep down in her heart of hearts, she is the sweetest, most caring and beautiful girl,” Martha shared. “She’s a strong girl and she’s had a really hard upbringing and that’s where that exterior of being hard comes from, and that ‘I don’t care how you feel’.”

The couple said the reason Ines comes across so mean to Bronson, is just down to the fact that they've been 'mismatched' by the experts.

“They’re just not right for each other. They want two different things. I feel like everything Bronson says, is like possibly the worst answer ever for Ines,”

After watching the show, we don't think it's just because of a 'mismatch' that Ines comes across so mean but it's more because of the fact that she's just...straight up mean.

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