Bradley Cooper is absolutely terrified of performing 'Shallow' live at the Oscars

scandal 08/02/2019

With just over two weeks to go until this year's Oscars, we're counting down the days until we finally get to see Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga perform 'Shallow' from 'A Star is Born' again.

Some aren't as excited though, including Brad himself - in fact he's said he's absolutely petrified about the whole thing. Don't worry, we'll comfort you Brad.

Brad has continuously said that he's not a singer, hitting the stage to sing at the Oscars is a prettyyyy daunting task. "I'm sure I'll be terrified," he said to E! News:

Luckily he's had some practise though: he performed the song with Gaga on stage during one of her Vegas shows in late January. "I just had to zen out and just pray that I wasn't gonna ruin her show. She just crushed it for two hours. I thought, 'Please let me just be on pitch,'" he said.

You can watch a clip of it below. If it's anything to go by, we don't know what he's so worried about for the Oscars!