Bali has introduced a new tax for New Zealand tourists

scandal 23/01/2019

Get ready to pay a bit more for your next trip to Bali.

In an effort to protect the local environment, Governor Wayan Koster has introduced a new tax for all international tourists visiting the island.

The tax, which is said to be $15 NZD, will be used to fund a number of local projects for the environment and Balinese cultural preservation, according to The Jakarta Post.

This will give us better fiscal space to support the development of Bali, Tourists will understand. They will be happy to pay it as it will be used to strengthen our environment and culture,

The new tax comes just a month after the island banned single use plastics in hopes to reduce its marine plastic by 70 per cent within a year.

"Contributions from tourists are needed to help us preserve our environment and culture. Tourists come to enjoy our environment and culture. Why not contribute to preserving it?" said Bali Legislative Council Speaker, I Nyoman Adi Wiryatama.

It's yet to be decided how the new tax will be collected but one of the options at the moment is for it to be incorporated into your airfare.