The first trailer for 'Brooklyn Nine Nine' Season 6 is here and we can't deal

scandal 10/12/2018

We've only got one thing to say after watching this trailer and that's...NOICE.

It feels like forever since the last time we saw Jake, Amy and the rest of the 99 club (mainly because we had to go through THAT moment when we thought the show was finished for good).

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Good news is since season 6 is just around the corner, we've finally had our first look at what to expect.

Overnight, NBC released the first trailer for the new season which was pretty good timing considering it's all about Jake's ultimate dream; being in Die-Hard.

We start by see Jake calling out to Terry Amy, and Rosa "We gotta get out of here!" as he re-enacts his favourite Die Hard scene.

The trailer, which was filled with explosions, jumping on a helicopter, and another classic Peralta saying of 'Suck it, gravity' ends with the promise of seeing a new team member join the 99th precinct...

Watch the full trailer below:

Seasons 1-4 of Brooklyn Nine Nine are available on Lightbox now with Season 5 out December 14th.