Polly Pockets are back in NZ stores now - just in time for Xmas

trending 30/11/2018

We were excited AF when Polly Pocket made a comeback in Aussie a while back, and had our fingers and toes crossed that the return would make it's way to little ol' NZ.

WELL, our prayers have been answered. Thank you 90s gods!

Polly Pocket is set to take the next generation by storm (and the last generation, we're not ashamed to admit we still love her), with an upgrade and everything, including new accessories and new worlds to collect. 

“Polly Pocket was a 90s phenomenon that stole the hearts of children right from its very first release, and we are extremely excited to introduce her to the next generation of Kiwi kids,” says Chedney Rodgers, Mattel ANZ Marketing Director.

“We hope the relaunch will evoke feelings of nostalgia for the Millennial mums of today who grew up loving Polly Pocket. This is a chance for them to share with their children the fun and excitement they had with Polly when they were younger,”

The new range is available at your local Warehouse as of this weekend, so you better get shopping before they disappear!

There are four new collections: Tiny Pocket Places, (eight to collect), Hidden Hideouts Assortment (four to collect), Pocket World Assortment (eight to collect), and the Hidden Places Assortment (two to collect). TBH, we want them all.