Mike McRoberts and Matilda Rice are joining Dancing With The Stars 2019!


After Dancing With the Stars NZ went off this year, Three have confirmed that the show will be back next year.

Our own Sharyn will return as a host, alongside Dai Henwood.

Aaaaand ultimate Daddy Mike McRoberts will be joining the show as a dancer! 

“I’ve loved dancing for as long as I can remember but I’ve never ever had any formal training so I’m actually feeling super excited about learning how to do it properly.”

“Some of the best things I’ve done in my life have seemed at the time like insurmountable challenges; reporting from conflicts around the globe, or some of the world’s biggest natural disasters. Or even running marathons and competing in multi-sport events. Dancing with the Stars NZ feels like one of those challenges - but perhaps with a slightly more glamorous wardrobe.”

We're hoping we get to see a bit of that chest peeping out from some of his costumes!

Joining Mike is Matilda Rice who won the heart of New Zealand’s first ever Bachelor Art Green in 2015. Upon joining the galaxy of celebrities who have been on Dancing with the Stars NZ Matilda says: “I’ve been watching Dancing with the Stars since I was a kid so I can’t believe I’m now going to be on it! It’s a little daunting learning something new on national telly, but I love to dance, so am really excited for the challenge.”