Did you miss Taylor Swift throwing a snotty tissue into the crowd at her NZ show?

scandal 12/11/2018

Taylor Swift might not be in NZ anymore but she left her kiwi fans a gift...a used tissue.

Taylor performed in front of thousands on Friday night at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland but as Newshub's Jamie Ensor writes, footage has come out of her throwing a tissue in to the crowd.

"I have a little bit of a cold," she said as she blew her noise. "This isn't our first rain show." 

"I'm so sorry about this," she said, before throwing the tissue down into what looks like the crowd and laughing it off.

While some at the show groaned and expressed their disgust at the singer, footage obtained by Newshub appears to show the tissue land with Swift's security team, not in the moshpit of fans as other outlets reported.

SOURCE: Newshub.