Demi Lovato just posted on Instagram for the first time since overdose

scandal 07/11/2018

After being spotted out of rehab, Demi Lovato has now briefly gone back to Instagram for a very important reason.

 You miht've noticed all the celebs in the US that you follow on Instagram have been encouraging their followers to vote for the midterm elections and 'make their voices heard'.

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One of those celebs includ Demi Lovato who, for the first time since her overdose, has posted a photo of herself filling out her ballot.

 I am so grateful to be home in time to vote! One vote can make a difference, so make sure your voice is heard!🗳 🇺🇸 now go out and #VOTE!!!!

Within 40 minutes, the post has already got over 1.7 MILLION likes (and we wouldn't be surprised if it goes on to be the most liked photo on Insta ever).