The Kardashians are looking for an intern...who will work for free...

scandal 27/09/2018

Dreamed of working for the Kardashians? Well, the clan are advertising a new intern role on a job website but there's just one catch....

It's unpaid and people aren't stoked about it. Obviously.

Yup, a job board, 'entertainment careers' has advertised a role as 'intern/runner' at 'Jenner Communications' and honestly, there's so much to dissect here - firstly, they advertise their job roles on an actual job site, which, for them, is just a bit weird?

Secondly, they DON'T PAY THEIR INTERNS?!

R U SRS!? How much money are these guys earning!? Surely they can pass some of it around...

The job spec says the intern's responsibilities will include; Running errands, organising, donation tally, helping with kids playroom, motorised cars etc, grocery shopping and helping with dog.

Sounds like a fun job! Job being the key word. As in something that you should be paid for.

Sadly, the job was taken down yesterday, so we've all missed our chance to do Kris' food shopping, boo.