Pennywise looks just as effing scary in first look at 'IT: Chapter 2'

scandal 05/09/2018

If you're someone who like's getting the sh*t scared out of them, no doubt you'll be counting down the days until 'IT: Chapter 2' comes out. 

Bad news is we've still got exactly 1 year untill it comes out September 6th 2019 but the good news is we've got our finally got at look at what we can expect.

And yup, this guy is still just as scary.

A full look at Bill Skarsgård in his Pennywise outfit has emerged online that were taken during filming in Toronoto this week.

The shot shows Pennywise casually sitting on a giant baseball-wielding lumberjack...

According to CBR, the statue is actually a pretty big part in the original Stephen King 1987 novel.

Apparently in the book, one of the Loser's Club visits the statue of the lumberjack just outside Derry, before being confronted by Pennywise. Ol'mate Penny then goes on to take the form of the statue to terrorize the character. 

It's no surprise that Pennywise is just as scary as ever for Chapter 2. Last year,director Andy Muschietti said the next movie is going to even scarier and darker than the first.

It won't be a comedy... If the second movie happens, I really want to recover the dialogue between the two timelines that the book had,

My idea of Mike in the second movie is darker than the book... I want to make his character the one pivotal character who brings them all together, but staying in Derry took a toll with him. I want him to be a junkie actually.

The new photos come a month after Jessica Chastain, who'll be playing the adult version of Bev, was spotted on the set with her younger self.