New 'Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis Edition' is so accurate it kinda hurts

trending 28/09/2018

'The Game of Life', one of our fave board games from back in the day, is releasing a new edition in October as part of Hasbro's 'parody' collection - 'The Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis.' And we don't think anything has ever more accurately portrayed our lives. 

The new version is complete with all the woes of being in your 20s, including players going through the motions of painfully long job hunting, tinder dates, and crippling student debt. Doesn't sound awfully fun to us tbh...

It also includes small, relatable every day things like dropping your phone in the toilet or calling in sick to work because you're tired and want to watch Netflix. This is LITERALLY the game of our lives.

The game description reads:

"It's just like the real world! Choose your path for stress, struggle and existential despair!"

"Job - Work two jobs and still barely afford rent!"

"Family - You can't take care of yourself, but sure, have some kids!"

"Humiliation - So many awkward situations!"

"And debt - Pay it all off to win!"

Well hey, at least we know there is a way to win right? Maybe we can do better in the game than we have in our actual lives...